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PI- Evangiline Elcair by Foxiani PI- Evangiline Elcair by Foxiani
Name: Evangiline Tanya Eclair
Age: 22
Height: 5'9
Weight: 120

Possessions:A lot of medical books, her glasses, red boots

Moves Set:

:iconicetypeplz: Ice Beam (TM)

:iconnormaltypeplz: Lovely Kiss

:iconpsychictypeplz: Heart Stamp

:iconnormaltypeplz: Heal bell (Tutor Move)

Personality: Evangiline is the type of person to not really care what others think of her. She is to busy studying and having her nose in a book to even care about you. She will only probably be interested in you if you have some kind of ingury, due to the fact that she knows a lot about medical stuff and wasn't to become a doctor. If you talk to her rudely to be mean to her, she might ignore you of give you a goo scolding. If you keep bothering her she will get irritated at you because she tends to hold long grudges. She does have a soft side to her though, but you have to dig down deep and look for it. She may seem emotionless most of the time but she does smile to things she likes but looks can be decieving. She can sometimes fake smile to thoughs she really doesn't want around her.

History: Evangiline was raised in a rich family. She was an only child to a Jynx and Mr.Mime. Her parents had different house in many regions but they thought that the house at Undella Town was the best for their little daughter. Evangiline was taken care of the maids and servents who were there because of how busy her parents were with work. She didn't have many friends growing up because she was always stuck in the house. The maids and servents were afraid that she would get hurt, kidnapped or even worse........sick. The servents and maids were always scared of any type of sicknesses of any kind, so they made sure Evangiline never got sick. Growing up Evangiline had one of the best tutors her parents could find. She turned out to be very smart and grew up a very health girl. She had always wanted to follow the dreams of her parents so she studied more about sicknesses and occasionally went to work with them. She then grew old and bored of staying at the Undella house for such a long time and asked her parents if she can go study at a real school. They both were a bit hesitant to let her leave but now that she was old enough they let her go. Now she is in the latios dorms studying in the medical field.

Extra Info
-She's french
- Can speak French and English fulently
-Knows a shit load of medical stuff
- She is a bit of a flirt
-Hates being dirty and has a small case of OCD
- she likes it when things do her way and only her way. If they don't she tries as much as possible to make sure it turns out her way
-Does really like the hot weather but can deal with it
-to show her thanks she kisses a person (don't be suprise of you do her a favor and you get a small kiss :eyes:
- even though she was healthy growing up her vison was alway a problem and cant see without those glasses

WELP there's another character. Hold ya'll like her and get to rp with her~

I rp through Notes/Comments/Skype
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June 7, 2013
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